Suing Landlord For Breach Of Tenancy Agreement

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If you would like legal advice to sue your landlord, contact Natasha now on 0151 384 6148. 48. Even if your landlord sends you a written transaction offer within 30 days, you can still sue. But if the court finds that your landlord`s offer was “reasonable,” your recovery will be limited to the discharge offered by your landlord, plus the legal fees and fees incurred before you declined your offer. G.L.c. 93A, 9(3) and (4). See Kohl v. Silver Lake Motors, Inc., 369 Mass. 795 (1976). You may also be held liable for the unpaid rent and be sued by your agency or landlord if you leave the property before the end of the legal contract. If you have to go to court, you will be asked to prove that your landlord or agent has breached the terms of the contract. You must also show that you have given them the opportunity to solve the problem.

On 15/11/2014 after heavy rains outside the flood throug throug from the ceiling to my bedroom for all 25 minutes water in my room came up to 5 cm and damaged all my computer employees documents my TV documents from what I called the emergency call, but they asked me to call owner I tried, but he didn`t open a phone I was forced to go to the hotel I paid for myself for 7 days I stayed at the hotel, because he answered me by phone and said I`d look for tray problems, but he brought nothing only in my room an electric heating and left it for 7 days to drayer the room , but I left in the second flower and because of this flood the room under me was flooded from my room and I am seriously ill I had for a year two operations and medication under every day at that time my owner no repairs on my room of the same staff I bought my employees and he did not want to pay for my staff damage, I wanted to record flood water video all over my employees recorded in a recorded conversation my owner yelled at me with bad behavior I email him the video IS ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME????????? Our landlord did not show any concern for his tenants, although he thanked him. He just said he couldn`t contact the owner of the other house to do anything. We said ok, we`re going to bring it to law after we find out how dangerous the fumes can be. All of a sudden, in 5 days, everything is tidy. We think it was because we were willing to force the owner`s hand. But our owner of a well-known housing company made us suffer for 10 years with this boiler and nearly 13 months with the oil leak and did nothing, although we provided photos, videos and wrote regularly to them. We feel that we have a compensation case, since we have really suffered.