Cargojet Pilot Collective Agreement

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“Cargojet has become a very attractive place. We are leaders in terms of compensation and working conditions,” CEO Ajay Virmani said on a conference call with analysts on November 4. Because of the steps we have taken, we are in a place to attract more pilots who want to return to Canada, these are expatriates who fly for different foreign airlines. Direct boarding [as a captain] or first officer is something that neither Air Canada nor Westjet can offer. While the new Cargojet contract offers stability, it has increased the cost of the pilot by about 20 percent, the airline said. The cost of the Incentive program will increase spending by $20 million ($15.2 million) over seven years. It is believed that Air Canada would have liked to extend and even extend the agreement. The company stated that it intended to pass on to customers the additional costs associated with the recruitment, training and hiring of new pilots and found that its contracts contained provisions to cover the costs arising from the measures taken by the State. It takes several months to recruit and train new pilots The CAW represents more than 70 pilots within the company that provides night air cargo services with a network across North America. Transport Canada gives airlines the flexibility to use fatigue management systems to exceed prescribed limits when they are able to demonstrate that pilots` vigilance and safety are not affected. Almost exactly four years ago, airlines first signed a cooperation and synergies agreement and said they might have enough traffic to reach destinations like Latin America, which Cargojet probably wouldn`t do on its own, while Air Canada said it didn`t want to get into the maindeck. Canadian airline Cargojet [TSX: CGJTF] says it will add a customer surcharge in the fourth quarter to minimize higher labor costs, as it works to comply with new government rules to combat pilot fatigue.

TORONTO The union representing pilots at Cargojet Airways Ltd. said Monday that employees have ratified a first collective agreement by an overwhelming majority. Air Canada and Cargojet will enter into their cargo partnership at the end of the year due to pilots` concerns about the agreement. Approximately 150 Cargojet employees work at Hamilton International Airport as pilots and in various other positions. “This process expires on December 31, 2017. At the end of October, the ACPA advised Air Canada that it did not intend to seek a further extension because there was not enough value for our members and, therefore, sufficient member support to ratify a longer-term agreement under our collective agreement. Virmani said the airline has all the pilots it needs right now. “The new agreement brings a number of improvements and will address our concerns about membership,” said Colin Brazier, head of the negotiating committee. Transport Canada`s hours of service rules, which will come into effect in December 2020 and apply to all commercial companies in Canada, reduce the number of hours pilots can fly and spend in service and bring Canada`s standards into line with most other countries, including the United States.

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