Artist Management Agreement Sec Gov

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For the duration, John Doe is primarily responsible for the manager`s activities under this agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is considered and agreed that John Doe may delegate day-to-day responsibilities to other employees of the Manager, provided that John Doe remains primarily responsible for the Manager`s activities and services. If John Doe is no longer employed by the Manager or is no longer primarily responsible for the Manager`s activities under this Agreement (“Key-Man Event”), the Artist has the right to terminate the term of this Agreement with effect from the date of the Artist`s notification to the Manager of such Key Man Event. Another method an artist can use to terminate a management contract perhaps prematurely is the inclusion of a “Key Man” clause. We will now look at some of the additional contractual clauses contained in most management agreements, as well as some of the negotiating tactics for those clauses. Another essential issue that needs to be addressed is the “term” that the artist is signed to the manager. Typical language describing the term and options is below: a sunset clause is used to reduce an executive`s commission in the years following the duration of the management contract. This clause reduces the percentage that the artist owes the manager over time and ends up completely severing from this obligation. This is important for an artist who leaves one manager and signs with another, since the new manager normally wants his default commission rate (15-20%) and your previous manager is still entitled to his percentage under the “Sunset” clause (15-20%). This situation severely limits the amount earned by an artist; It is therefore advisable to ensure that the previous manager`s percentage is reduced and eventually ends up at some point.. .

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