Anti Dumping Agreement Wikipedia

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Generally speaking, an anti-dumping investigation is conducted following the following steps: domestic producers apply to the competent authority for the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation. Then, an investigation is conducted with the foreign manufacturer to determine if the claim is valid. It uses questionnaires completed by interested parties to compare the export price of the foreign producer(s) with normal value (the exporter`s domestic price, the price invoiced by the exporter in another country, or a calculation based on the combination of the exporter`s costs of production, other costs and normal profit margins). If the foreign producer`s export price is lower than the normal price and the investigation demonstrates that there is a causal link between the alleged dumping and the injury suffered by the domestic industry, it concludes that the foreign producer is dumping. In accordance with Article VI of the GATT, dumping investigations, except in special circumstances, are terminated within one year, but in no case more than eighteen months after the initiation of the proceeding. Anti-dumping measures must end five years after the imposition of the measure, unless a review reveals that the cessation of the measure would result in injury. An example of the European Union`s action on anti-dumping duties is the revolt of bicycles from China to the EU, which recently continued at 48.5%. [10] The tax was also extended to imports from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia. China is becoming a freer and more open market, unlike its planned economy in the early 1960s, the Chinese market is more willing to accept global competition. .

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