Allkauf Musterhaus bungalow

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Zum dritten Mal in Folge landet allkauf bei einer Studie von ServiceValue in Kooperation mit FOCUS-MONEY auf den ersten Platz bei der Weiterempfehlung bei den Fertighausanbietern. SchwörerHaus has one of the largest networks of sample-homes across Germany that we could find, making it easy to experience their houses before buying. The prefab builder ranks high in sustainability, offering passive houses as well as energy-plus-houses. One of their innovations we like most is a relatively young product-line called “Flying Spaces”, which are flexible modules that come by truck and can be easily added or removed from one another. The Flying Spaces have a fixed price and are perfect for small homes, student living or vacation rentals, with no foundation or basement needed. SchwörerHaus actually expects this product to generate more revenue than their normal homes within the next 20 years. Unser Haustyp Lifetime 5 vereint ein umwerfendes Platzangebot mit intelligenter Raumaufteilung. Der Winkelbungalow bietet ein Elternschlafzimmer mit Ankleide, welche direkt ins Bad führt, ein Kinderzimmer, Platz für einen Arbeitsraum, Gäste-WC und Küche auf einer Ebene. Zusätzlich sind Sie auf der großen Terrasse beidseitig vor Wind geschützt. Ein optimales Haus, welches keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Our favourite model — Fertighaus Erlangen Price of favourite home — starting from 200.000€ Building style — Modern, Wooden House, Bungalow, Bauhaus Available in — Germany Number of models — approx. 120 Finishing degrees — Turnkey Für die perfekte Hülle wiederum sorgen wir. Jedes unserer Häuser ist ein Niedrigenergiehaus. Das bedeutet: Jedes einzelne allkauf-Fertighaus liegt mindestens 45 Prozent unter dem ohnehin schon niedrigen Neubauniveau. Auch damit schont ihr euren Geldbeutel und die Umwelt. So it comes at no surprise that Germany has a long list of very successful prefab companies. Many of today’s market leaders are well over 100 years old, having started as small carpentries or sawmills that turned into prefab companies in the post-war housing boom. Today, they build homes with the highest environmental standards that are virtually indistinguishable from “normal” houses and are often delivered in just a few weeks.

KfW Förderung: Wir zeigen euch, wie ihr beim Bau eines allkauf-Fertighauses Zuschüsse bekommt und dadurch bares Geld spart. Living Haus is the sister company of Bien Zenker that exclusively focuses on what is called “Ausbauhaus” or “finishing house”. Whereas conventional prefab homes are usually fully assembled by the seller, a finishing house has the owners completing a portion of the home themselves. For those who are skilled in construction or have their own subcontractors, this can save costs and is a common variation of prefab construction. Living Haus typically lays the foundation and supplies the main parts like the walls and the roof, then it is up to the clients how much there’s left to do for them. The selection of available homes is just as large as for other prefab companies, and even big, multi-family residencies can be finished by the owners themselves. Hat euch unser allkauf-Konzept überzeugt? Dann besucht doch einfach einen Musterhauspark in eurer Nähe oder macht einen Termin mit einem Mitarbeiter in eurer Nähe aus. With annual revenues of over 140 Mio. € and around 80.000 homes built to date, Bien Zenker is one of Germany’s leading prefab companies.