Aa Zed Agreement

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As part of the ZED Multilateral Interline Forum (MIBA), more than 175 global airlines offer discounted fares under a multilateral agreement. Participating airlines may offer low, medium or high fares on an available or positive spatial basis. You can also offer ZED travel in economy or premium class. Below you will find the rules of the top 10 global airlines via the FLYZED website. The ticketing process depends on your airline and the partnership contract. As a rule, ticketing is electronic and is handled either by myidtravel.com or by id90travel.com. Once you have purchased a ZED fare, it is valid for that journey until it is used or refunded. You can change it for free to another flight as long as the itinerary is the same. Staff are responsible for checking embargoes prior to travel.

The issuance of a ticket and/or the creation of a registration does not guarantee the absence of an embargo. Some agreements allow you to purchase a ZED fare directly in an upgrade cabin. Alternatively, if the main cabin is full, but there are open seats in first class or business class, the airport staff is usually free to sit you down, so always be nice! And of course, there`s the “unofficial” way to get an upgrade. You should never rely on yourself to make this happen, but here`s a great article that explains how to give yourself a chance to fight: check with your airline for information about your ZED deals. In this sense, I recommend two great tools to help you plan your itinerary: ask your sponsor/retiree to check you in to our travel system and send you your boarding pass or priority verification card (PVC) via email. Use the self-service vending machines available at most airports to check your luggage and get the Priority Verification Card (PVC) up to 24 hours before departure. A credit card is usually only needed for identification purposes. If no self-service machine is available, you can contact an agent. Upon registration with an agent, you will receive a Priority Verification Card (PVC) to go through the security check. Please enter the main security traces unless you have printed a TSA pre-check on your PVC.

You can get information about the door and the weather at the www.aa.com or by phone at 800-223-5436. If you have reached the departure area of your flight, please sit back and wait for your name to be called by the Gate Agent. Please do not try to use company phones or computers. If time permits and you are a member of the admiral club, you can visit the club before your flight. If you are staying for a flight, please fly if you are invited to do so. Be prepared to check your hand luggage on wheels when the flight is full….